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Handcrafted Facial Products

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At Adagio Naturals, we'll help you keep your face smooth and fresh with our selection of handmade facial skincare products. Browse through our selection of organic facial  cleaning foams, lip balms, facial masks, toners, makeup remover gel, beard balms and beard oils.



This face wash gently cleans my skin, leaving it feeling and looking hydrated, bright and healthy. I noticed it significantly reduced redness and imperfections on my face. It has fast become a staple in my daily routine, I use it twice a day and it always makes my skin feel rejuvenated and glowy. I've been using it for over a month and there's still more left. I never heard of chaga until recently and this face wash proves the incredible benefits it has on the skin.


After the very first use, my skin felt refreshed and soft. The cleanser, toner and cream were all easy to use, went on well and felt great on my skin. After three days of use, my skin felt healthy and smooth, and my pores were visibly reduced. I was thrilled to feel like my skin was balanced after such a short amount of use. I was not experiencing my typical extremes of going from oily to dry in only a day. 


During winter my face gets really dry and this chaga face wash is the only one I've tried that leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated without having that oily feel. It has a beautiful golden brown foamy texture to it and turns into a lather when you apply it. Gets the job done and smells really great too! Highly recommend this! You won't go wrong.

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